Top Tips for the Safe Use of Lithium Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries can be found in a wide range of commonly used rechargeable devices such as golf carts, e-bikes, mobile phones, laptops, e-readers to name a few. These lightweight, rechargeable batteries are designed to last longer and can be cost effective, however if not used, stored or charged correctly, they can cause a lot of […]

The Flood Re Scheme – Explained

Attached below is an informative leaflet on the topic of the ‘Flood Re Scheme’, brought to you by Cherish, one of Kudos’ many reputable insurers who have embraced the Flood Re scheme. Let’s delve into how Flood Re functions and how it benefits you! How does Flood Re work? Flood Re work behind the scenes, […]

A Health & Safety Guide for Small/Medium Sized Businesses

Discover the key to successful business operations through effective health and safety practices. Delve into how your insurer can become your partner in managing risks while boosting your business’s resilience. Uncover the wider societal benefits of embracing practical measures and gain insights into navigating health and safety regulations. Explore the world of liability coverage, understand […]

Subsidence – Helpful Guidance For Homeowners

We have all enjoyed the extended spell of warm and dry weather lately and hope to experience it for another few weeks yet. Hot, dry weather which is prolonged can however put homes at greater risks of subsidence. During this time, parched vegetation saps available water, causing the soil to dry out. Consequently, soil can shrink, […]

Kudos Cragg Challenge

We are pleased to announce that Kudos are sponsoring the Cragg Challenge in support of the noble work they do on behalf of Overgate hospice. As sponsors, we feel as though we should encourage participants to compete to the best of their ability, and we are doing this through competitions hosted on a popular fitness […]

Technical Insight – Underinsurance

Dear Kudos customers I felt it appropriate to share some thoughts and concerns over a problem that has been discussed quite a bit over the last 6 months, that of underinsurance, inflation and the value of insurance products. At Commercial Express, property owners insurance is our largest product line and we write thousands of policies every […]

Driving in Europe after Brexit: What you need to know

Please read below if you plan to take your vehicle outside of the UK after we leave the EU. As we move closer to 12th April with no definitive Brexit plan, we felt it was important to contact you to explain what you need to consider should the UK leave with no deal. Currently, UK […]

Travel Insurance Update: Coronavirus COVID-19

Will I be covered if I contract Coronavirus and need to cancel my trip?Yes, you are covered for unforeseen cancellation of your trip. For a valid claim to be processed you will require a medical certificate from a doctor confirming that you were not well enough to travel. I don’t want to travel due to […]