Subsidence – Helpful Guidance For Homeowners

We have all enjoyed the extended spell of warm and dry weather lately and hope to experience it for another few weeks yet.

Hot, dry weather which is prolonged can however put homes at greater risks of subsidence. During this time, parched vegetation saps available water, causing the soil to dry out. Consequently, soil can shrink, and the ground beneath affected buildings may shift. While there are many causes of subsidence, hot and dry summers are becoming a common factor. Many of you will remember the impact the hot, dry Summer of 2018 had on Home insurance claims – in the UK, insurance claims were up by 400%!

For those that are not overly familiar with the term subsidence, provided below is a helpful customer guide which covers:

  • The factors that can impact subsidence
  • How to spot subsidence
  • And how to protect against subsidence