Kudos Cragg Challenge

We are pleased to announce that Kudos are sponsoring the Cragg Challenge in support of the noble work they do on behalf of Overgate hospice.

As sponsors, we feel as though we should encourage participants to compete to the best of their ability, and we are doing this through competitions hosted on a popular fitness app called Strava.

Kudos will be hosting 4 competitions which correspond with the 4 events of the Cragg challenge:

  • KUDOS Cragg 1-mile dash
  • KUDOS Cragg 5k run
  • KUDOS Cragg 10k run
  • KUDOS Cragg 10-mile run

The Strava app will track your distance and time, and whoever finishes first for each challenge will receive a generous discount on their next Kudos Brokers (or Ryburne Brokers) insurance policy, as well as some free merchandise.

If you would like to be entered in this free competition, or if you would just like for your running stats to be recorded, download Strava using the link below:


Then scan the QR code below, which will add Kudos as a friend on Strava, and finally email your name and the Cragg event you are competing in to josh@kudosbrokers.co.uk so that you can be added into the correct KUDOS Cragg challenge.