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Kudos Brokers are an independent insurance provider based in Huddersfield – and our service is truly personal. To us, you are an individual, not a number. When you call us, you won’t be put through to some faceless call centre overseas or forced through some frustrating automated system.

Instead, you will speak to a member of our friendly team – trained professionals, most of whom were born and raised in the town. You’ll probably know some of them. When you visit us at The Old Gatehouse, you can expect free car parking and a coffee as you talk over your insurance requirements with a dedicated account handler who has your best interests in mind.

Whether you’re making an enquiry, starting a policy, placing a renewal or making a claim, responsibility for managing the whole process will be in the hands of your personal account handler.

Our team has many years of professional experience in personal insurance – we’re not called Kudos for nothing! We take pride in offering first-class service at competitive prices and we specialise in finding you exceptional personal insurance deals.

So whether you’ve bought an engagement ring or a house to rent, hired a classic car or a motorhome for the weekend, or you’re planning a world cruise, rest assured that we’ll advise you of the best insurance policies for your needs.

We can do that because we are an independent insurance broker. That means we will review a wide range of insurers nationwide on your behalf to find the most appropriate, best-value policy. And we’ll provide a jargon-free explanation of any small print.

We can also arrange cover for more unusual situations such as unoccupied properties, small-scale renovation projects and properties with a history of subsidence or flooding. Please call Kudos so that one of our trained team can take care of your personal insurance.

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and as an independent broker Kudos is free to search the leading insurers to provide you with cover tailored to your needs at a price to suit you.

Kudos (‘kju:das)

Definition: noun

  1. (functioning as singular) prestige

Meet the team

James Morgan

Accounts Manager

Jonathan Bentley

Business Development Manager

Jeanette Lockett

Personal lines account handler

John Goss

General Manager

Josh Gamble

Marketing executive